Melbourne-based Artiste Melynda von Wayward is the driving force behind the Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF). 

For many years Melynda has wanted to be a philanthropist and make meaningful change in the world, but not being financially wealthy, she began to investigate the idea of micro-philanthropy and discovered the concept of the ‘Giving Circle’ – an accessible way for individuals to join together by pooling smaller amounts of financial resources to fund social change and make a substantial cumulative impact in their community. 

The idea of collective giving truly excited Melynda, so she took the idea to the board of the not-for-profit organisation Society of Australian Punk Inc. (SOAP) of which she is the chairperson and asked the board to support the creation of the WWGF by acting as the Auspicing organisation. The board agreed and WWGF was officially created in 2023. 

Wayward Woman Giving Fund WWFG) is a subsidiary of the Society of Australian Punk Inc. (SOAP)
SOAP is proudly recognised as a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
  • Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) is a small volunteer led organisation that aims to make a positive difference in the world.  
  • Our members, volunteers and partners are coming together to build a strong collective giving program that endeavours to ignite a movement of positive change.
  • Our ever-growing collaborative giving circle community gathers people from all walks of life to amplify the giving power of everyday people to create significant change in the world.

Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) raises funds that are Invested in Victorian (Australian) non-profit organisations and individual projects that support and benefit four key areas: 

1. Women - Education, economic justice, violence against women, women’s civic and political participation, women’s health, housing, culture. 

2. Children - Education, child safety, housing, culture, health.

3. The Arts - Cultural Community Development - The cultural sector and the community working together to create projects that benefit the community.

4. The Environment - Environmental groups focusing on local issues.

  • SOAP Director and WWGF Co-founder - Melynda von Wayward 
  • SOAP Secretary and WWGF Co-founder - Elizabeth Reale
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