Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) aims to raise and distribute funds to Victorian non-profit organisations and individual projects that support and benefit our four key areas: 

1. Women - Education, economic justice, violence against women, women’s civic and political participation, women’s health, housing, culture. 

2. Children - Education, child safety, housing, culture, health.

3. Cultural Community Development (CCD) - The cultural sector and the community working together to create projects that benefit the community.

4. The Environment - Environmental groups focusing on local issues.

  • In 2023, the WWGF grant process will run from June - December
  • By giving members the opportunity to vote for projects and see the result of grants first-hand, WWGF creates a meaningful and rewarding giving experience.
  • Please read the Application Form, which you can download, to ensure that you or your organisation are eligible to apply and that your project meets our guidelines.
Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWFG) is a subsidiary of the Society of Australian Punk Inc. (SOAP), which is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
  • Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) awards grants on a yearly basis to organisations and projects that focus on and benefit one of our four key areas.
  • All organisations must have Not-for-profit or Charitable status – i.e., be an incorporated association or an organisation that is registered as a charity with the Australian Charity and Non-Profit Commission (ACNC).
  • We may also donate to individuals who are creating projects that focus on one of the four key areas.
  • Overseas registered charities are not eligible.

We welcome eligible organisations and individuals to read the grant guidelines and fill out an application form - see below. 

A grants subcommittee that is made up of our members will review and evaluate the applications. We will then share information on these applicants to each WWGF member for review and voting. 

The results of the voting are then announced at our annual WWGF event and the successful grant recipients will be presented with their grants and have the opportunity to speak with our members.